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Toxicity Questionnaire

Do you currently use or within the last 6 months have used tabacco products?

Do you have strong negative reactions to caffeine or caffeine containing products?

Do you commonly experience "brain fog", fatigue, or drowsiness?

Do you develop symptoms on exposure to fragrances, exhaust fumes, or strong odors?

Do you feel ill after you consume even small amounts of alcohol?

Do you have a personal history of

Do you have a history of significant exposure to harmful chemicals such as herbacides, insecticides, pesticides, or organic solvents?

Do you have a adverse or allergic reaction when you comsume sulfite containing foods such as wine, dried fruit, salad bar vegetables, etc?

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Are you at least 18 years of age?

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Now that your questionnaire is filled out, complete the process with payment. Next you will be contacted via email by fitmydetox, Marla Feingold.

Why payment is required? This pays for your forms to be read and evaluated so that you can have your very own CUSTOMIZED plan detailed especiallyfor you.

$ 50 USD

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